Apr 26th 2018 | Posted by Jens Scrubs

Dental Office Scrubs. What to Look For?

Every day, Dentist's and Dental Hygienist's look for scrubs that are both practical, comfortable and stylish.The days of scrubs all being the same, clunky, scratchy and uncomfortable are no longer true. Now if you work in a dental office, you can now dress simultaneously for function and success. Pick a cut that flatters your waistline. Choose a style that transitions with you at the end of your workday. And of course, pick the colors and prints that represent you best. At Jen's Scrubs there is something for everyone.

Pay attention to fabric blends. Scrubs today have a remarkable ability to stretch, wick moisture and withstand multiple washings without ironing. In choosing a fabric, think about you how you move at work, and how you want to look while your moving. Do you want a traditional, modern or athletic look. Some scrubs are styled after jogger pants and some from Yoga clothing.

Whatever your body shape, color preferences, or height, Jen's Scrubs has scrubs to meet your needs. Scrubs now come with multiple sleeve lengths, alternative waistlines, and coverage lengths. It's easy to find your style when you have thousands of items to choose from.

Don't forget afterwork. You no longer have to feel like your wearing a "Work Uniform" when wearing your scrubs outside of the workplace. Choose an under-scrub or a scrub jacket and forget about packing your gym bag. Scrubs now can transitions with you from work, to the gym, the grocery store, and then home.

Finally, don't forget who you are. Make sure you feel positive in your scrubs. This will not only help you get through those long work days but your patients will appreciate it.

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