Feb 26th 2018 | Posted by Jen's Scrubs

Medical Scrubs - The Technical Fabric Revolution

Scrubs have been around since the 1970’s, but it is only recently that the fabric has undergone a technical revolution. Today modern scrubs allow for greater mobility and comfort. The materials stretch, are soil resistant and wick away moisture. They are easier to care for, stain resistant and last longer.

When looking for a new set of scrubs pay careful attention to the material and you can find exactly what you want. Each manufacturer of scrubs has multiple options depending upon your role, working environment and personal taste.

At Jen’s, you can find yoga pant style scrubs, cargo pant style scrubs. Scrub tops that are loose fitting, scrub tops that are a stylized slim fit, and tops that could be worn from work to the gym.

Browse, shop, or just hang out - it's all good when you're shopping with Jen.

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