Cherokee Workwear

Cherokee Workwear will add style and personality to your scrubs, without sacrificing the functionality every healthcare professional needs to do their job. Comfort, durability, softness, stretch, moisture wicking, and easy care are the hallmarks of Cherokee Work-Wear. Browse, shop, or just hang out - its all good when youre shopping at Jens Scrubs.


Our original line of nursing scrubs has become well-known as the gold standard for healthcare professionals across the field whom opt for a practical and reliable choice of scrubs. Freedom of movement s at the top of our list when it comes to function and our stretch fabric ensures you move freely like the Declaration of Independence.

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Our line of nursing scrubs is revolutionary in its design, with effortless style sure to appeal to our modern, hip clientele. Durable & soft are the two adjectives which best describe Cherokees Revolution scrubs, featuring multiple pockets and two-way stretch fabric.

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Core Stretch

The Core Stretch collection is performance-driven and designed for the athletically-inclined, stylish health care professional.  Highlights include special attention paid to the details of each garment and features that include two-way stretch fabric for unmatched comfort.

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Made from fabric infused with antimicrobial & fluid-resistant technology - this line of nursing scrubs is great protection from spills & splashes on the surface of your garments. Fashionable details such as the Mid-Rise Moderate Flares lend style to these scrubs, giving them a streamlined silhouette and modern look.

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