Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs - Shop These Iconic Scrubs

Feel embraced by classic comfort with Grey's Anatomy scrubs. Designed with timeless fashion inspiration the Grey's Anatomy men's and women's scrubs and medical uniforms are for the discerning healthcare professional who wants comfort, flexibility and functionality while looking their best during those long shifts. 

Barco (in-partnership with ABC) first created these astonishingly successful scrubs in the year 2006 after the Grey's Anatomy TV-show captivated audiences and took screens by storm. Currently as (Thursday Jan 18) in its 12th season, the show is a great example of healthcare work and our scrubs are a great example of craftsmanship, comfort and durability. Several lines of the scrubs are available so as to offer a distinct product for each and every one of the wonderful healthcare professionals across the world whom is in need of scrubs that are tailored to work for them.

The new Grey's Anatomy scrubs now use Eco-Friendly fabric. Scrubs are no longer just a workplace uniform, but are a lifestyle to be worn from work to life.

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