Greys Anatomy Scrubs & Medical Uniforms

Greys Anatomy scrubs and medical uniforms are designed with timeless fashion inspiration for the discerning healthcare professional who appreciates modern, yet classic styles. Greys Anatomy scrubs are well known for quality and comfort. Explore Jens complete selection of Greys Anatomy medical uniforms and scrubs. Quality, comfort, and affordability - its easy to find all three when you're shopping with Jens Scrubs.

Barco (in-partnership with ABC) first created these astonishingly successful scrubs in the year 2006 after the Greys Anatomy TV-show captivated audiences and took screens by storm. Currently as (Thursday Jan 18) in its 12th season, the show is a great example of healthcare work and our scrubs are a great example of craftsmanship, comfort and durability.

Several lines of the scrubs are available so as to offer a distinct product for each and every one of the wonderful healthcare professionals across the world whom is in need of scrubs that are tailored to work for them.

Explore the Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs & Grey's Anatomy Medical Uniforms Collections


Grey's Anatomy Original's. This is the classic scrub meant for those who like to keep it simple. Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of quality and these scrubs were threaded with the finest materials and heavily focused upon by its creators to ensure you - the working professional - can breeze through your daily routine comfortably and reliably - in style. Shop


Grey's Anatomy Active. The Active line is specially designed for those active nursing & healthcare professionals. If you expect a lot from your uniform your back is covered (literally and figuratively. With arcLUX ultra-soft fabric you will feel as though youre wearing a spa - all while tending to the needs of others. Wrap yourself in appealing, luxurious fabric that keeps up with your moves. Shop


Grey's Anatomy Impact. The scrubs were completely restructured down to their base fabrics with this line and a new combination of polyester / rayon / spandex was implemented accomplishing a comfortable balance of design and function to the market. They feature moisture-wicking much like what an athlete wears so sweating is a non-issue. The collection is marked subtly by the first letter of the word "Impact" which is tastefully placed on the garment in a non-obtrusive fashion. Shop


Grey's Anatomy Signature. Heathering (yarn spun using pre-dyed fibers) is a main component of these garments making up 75% of them. The fibers are blended together to give a defined and distinct look. Using the arcLUX technology that the Active line employs, these scrubs / garments are especially soft to the touch.


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