Grey's Anatomy Impact Scrubs

The Grey's Anatomy impact scrubs collection combines a completely new ultimate stretch fabric with impeccable design details. These mens and women's scrubs were completely restructured down to their base fabrics. The Grey's Anatomy Impact scrubs collection new fabric is a combination of polyester / rayon / spandex for a comfortable balance of design and function. The new fabric includes moisture-wicking mimicking what an athlete wears so sweating is a non-issue. The collection is marked subtly by the first letter of the word "Impact" which is tastefully placed on the garment in a non-obtrusive fashion. Checkout the latest colors and styles of Grey's Anatomy Impact scrubs and Jen's Scrubs. Free Shipping at Orders over $49.00.

For any healthcare professional the active mens and women's scrubs collection is a perfect fit. Shop Grey's Anatomy Impact scrubs at Jen's scrubs. Low pricing and Free Shipping.


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