Reebox Footwear for Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

You spend long hours on your feet at work, which is why investing in a pair of high-quality Reebok nursing shoes simply makes sense. Built with the same athletic-inspired features that you've come to expect from Reebok, these aren't your mother's nursing shoes.

Reebok nursing shoes are all about performance, comfort, and style. Whether you're sprinting down the hall to answer a Code Blue, running between patients in the clinic, or chasing down that one doctor who never answers their phone, you can count on your Reeboks to give your feet the support you need. 

Reebok For Men

Don't you wish you could wear your favorite pair of running shoes on shift? Now you can, thanks to our lineup of Reebok shoes for men here at Jen's Scrubs. While the colors and styling are toned-down from what you'll find on other Reebok running shoes, make no mistake, these athletic shoes for men are made with the same premium materials that have made Reebok the shoes of choice among professional athletes worldwide.

Check out the work-friendly features like MemoryTech massaging insoles. anti-slip soles, and ultra-light breathable mesh uppers to help your feet stay dry during those marathon shifts. With shoes this comfortable, you'll be tempted to grab an extra pair to wear at home!

Reebok For Women

Kick those dull, heavy old nursing shoes to the curb and lace up with a pair of Reebok shoes for women. Here at Jen's Scrubs you'll find a great assortment of lightweight, easy to wear nursing shoes from Reebok - the world leader in performance footwear.

These ultra-comfortable shoes are designed to keep you on top of your game no matter where you work, while the toned-down color schemes and styling mean you won't need to choose between sporting a professional look and keeping your dogs happy. There are even models that have removable insoles that make it easy to wear custom orthotics while you're at work.

With secure lace-up closures, a breathable mesh lining, and stable, anti-slip sole, you'll have a tough time leaving these athletic-style Reebok nursing shoes in your locker once you're off shift!


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