Therafirm Supportive Compression Socks

Fantastically Functional and Stylish Too

Therafirm are manufacturers of graduated compression knee highs, thigh highs, tights, and maternity tights that all have the added benefit of MicroCool, a treatment that enables them to absorb moisture from the skin.

Therafirm support hosiery is the product of superior healthcare apparel and a rock solid fashion sense meeting. After all just because you work in the healthcare profession, doesn't mean you have to look as old-fashioned as Florence Nightingale, now does it?

At Therafirm they know how important it is too look good, and that's they are continually developing advanced technologies for creating products that are both fashionable AND comfortable. Without sacrificing any of the health benefits that you require.

With so many styles and patterns to choose from, when you wear Therafirm, you'll always feel good about wearing compression hosiery.

What Makes The Therafirm Supportive Compression Socks So Effective?

For many years now, Therafirm have been the industry-leading unisex hospital footwear manufacturer. This has been achieved by constantly raising the bar in terms of creating revolutionary gradient compression products that are as beneficial to the wearer's health as they are stylish. After all, nothing comes easy in this life, especially not in the medical profession.

Sure, there's a lot of other companies out there offering the same products as Therafirm, but are they really they same? There's a big difference between "compression" and "gradient compression". Firstly, while many other companies will indeed provide you with compression, it won't be dispersed throughout your leg at all, in fact, you may find that they cause you more harm than good. Secondly, Therafirm's supportive compression socks offer the firmest support right above the feet, and gets less supportive towards the top of the stocking. This innovative approach to womens hospital footwear leads to improved blood flow in the legs and lower body, and as a direct result of that: less swelling and a hell of a lot more comfort.

Gradient compression works wonders for those who have to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, expectant mothers, people with swollen feet or ankles, and people who often find that their legs are tired and aching after a long day at work. Some people prefer to wear them just because they like they way that they feel, and in order to prevent aching legs after a long day.

Do you often find that cheaper compression socks are a nightmare to put on? Never mind to take off after a long shift. Well, Therafirm have truly perfected their compression socks and have a solution to your problem, with the ingenious core-spun yarns all Therafirm products are that little bit stretchier than their poorer-quality counterparts, for ultimate ease of putting on, and most importantly, taking off. All Therafirm product lines offer a premium gradient compression at an affordable price.

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