Mens Scrubs

Shop our large selection of mens scrubs from your favorite scrub brands. Choose from a variety of technical fabrics, athletic or classic styling.  Our mens medical scrubs every need for the working health care professional. Lets face it. Your jobs not easy, and you should be able to rely on your scrubs to make it through just about any situation - whether its casual, formal, or active. Browse, shop, or just hang out - its all good when your'e shopping with Jen. Looking for quality, price and selection - you will always find all three when you're shopping at Jens Scrubs.

Men's Scrub Tops

When you're tired of squeezing into those so-called 'unisex' scrub tops that are too tight for your pipes, tapered in all the wrong places, or simply a bit too pastel for your tastes, check out our lineup of men's scrub tops here at Jen's Scrubs.

We stock a wide selection of men's scrub tops for hard-working guys in sizes ranging from S to 5XL. Choose from budget-friendly v-neck scrub tops for men from Cherokee Workwear, Wonderwink, and Code Happy Bliss and power through those infamous 'full-moon' shifts in a tough men's scrub top from Carhartt or Dickies.

And for those days when you want to channel your inner "Dr. McDreamy" gear up in one of our always-popular Grey's Anatomy v-neck men's scrub tops for men.

Men's Scrub Bottoms

Contrary to popular belief, men's scrub bottoms aren't just glorified PJ's - at least not here at Jen's Scrubs.

We've pulled together the biggest selection of men's scrub pants you'll find anywhere, making it easy for you to find your next favorite pair of full-featured, easy-care pants for work. Whether you spend your days in the O.R., in a vet clinic, lab, or office, we've got the pants you want at prices you'll love.

For a modern fit crafted with premium-grade fabric, take a look at our ever-popular lineup of Grey's Anatomy men's scrub pants. Need extra pockets? Check our 7-pocket men's cargo pant from Med Couture made with ez-flex - because after all, nothing screams 'unprofessional' like plumbers' butt does.

And if you just can't live without a fly on your pants, here at Jen's Scrubs we stock a wide assortment of men's scrub pants complete with a functioning fly, including the Infinity by Cherokee and WonderWink WonderWORK pants for men.

Men's Scrub Jackets

Wearing a jacket at work used to mean you'd either look like Mr. Rodgers or the Nutty Professor, but those days are done thanks to our great lineup of men's scrub jackets.

Perfect for keeping nasty junk off your street clothes, hiding that unfortunate stain from your morning coffee, or simply staving off the chills in a cold cath lab, at Jen's Scrubs we stock a great assortment of scrub jackets cut specifically for men.

Rock the athletic look at work with a 3-pocket structured cuff warm-up jacket from Sketchers, score an affordable cover-up with a Cherokee Med Man short-sleeve zip-up men's jacket, or top off your TV-star look with a Men's Ascend Zip Front jacket from the Grey's Anatomy Impact collection.

Men's Scrub Tees

Keep your cool when things heat up at work in one of our men's scrub tees. For the ultimate in comfort, ditch the seams with one of our seamless long-sleeve men's scrub tees from Barco One, while our Men's long sleeve force tee from Carhartt knits is perfect for those times when you want an extra layer of protection between your skin and all the nasty things floating around at your workplace. These scrub tees for men are also great for those work environments where arm tattoos need to be covered up.

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