Women's Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

Women's Scrubs are easy to find when your'e shopping at Jens Scrubs. Our women's scrubs and medical uniforms meet the needs of every working healthcare professional. Our online store has newest innovative fabrics from your favorite brands of women's scrubs. Whether you are looking for stretch, moisture wicking or stain resistant scrubs you will find it at Jens Scrubs. Lets face it. Your jobs not easy, and you should be able to rely on your scrubs to make it through just about any situation. Whether your style for women's scrubs is its casual, formal, or active. Browse, shop, or just hang out - its all good when you're looking for quality comfort and convenience. Shop our Best Sell Women's Scrubs at Jen's Scrubs. 


If you're looking for women's scrub tops that are designed to deliver the perfect combination of fit, function, and durability, you'll love our lineup here at Jen's Scrubs. We stock all your favorite brands including WonderWink, Landau, Urbane, and even Grey's Anatomy - perfect for when you want to channel your inner Ellen Pompeo! And because we know nothing's worse than women's scrub tops that are too tight, too loose, or just plain don't fit right, we stock sizes from XXS to 5XL in a huge array of colors. Shop Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Women's Scrub Tops. 


When you're ready to level-up your work wardrobe, you'll love our huge assortment of women's scrub bottoms here at Jen's Scrubs ranging in sizes from XS to 5XL and petite, regular, and long lengths. Our lineup of high-quality scrub pants for women includes the super-comfy WonderWink WonderFLEX, budget-friendly Sketchers Scrub, and top-rated Grey's Anatomy scrubs from Barco so you won't have to spend another shift sporting that 'saggy butt' look that's synonymous with low-quality, PJ-style scrub bottoms! Shop Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Women's Scrub Pants.


Covering up at work used to mean donning a boring old cardigan, but not anymore. Jen's Scrubs is your source for fashion-forward, functional scrub jackets for women that can save your skin from direct contact with nasty stuff during your next shift! Choose from sport-inspired styles from Cherokee, eye-catching notched jackets from Sapphire Scrubs, warm-up jackets from WonderWink, and premium 4-pocket front button women's scrub jackets from the ever-popular Grey's Anatomy lineup. Shop for Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Women's Scrub Jackets


Who says you can't be stylin' while you're on duty? Rock your professional look with these fashion-forward women's scrub accessories from leading women's scrubs brands like Smitten.


Jen's Scrubs is your source for high-quality women's scrub dresses that will instantly elevate your professional image, whether you're working in a clinic, providing home care services, or need a crisp, tidy dress to use for your church choir uniform. We stock classic button-front women's scrub dresses from Dickies, super-affordable women's zip-front uniform dresses from WonderWink, and premium Med Couture dresses in classic white. After all, when it comes to women's scrubs, nothing beats a classic, crisp white women's scrub dress! Shop for Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Scrub Dresses.

Scrub Tees 

When you're tired of wearing unisex tees that are less than flattering check out our great assortment of women's tees right here at Jen's Scrubs. With prices that beat the big-box stores and a huge range of colors and styles that help you keep comfortable during those marathon shifts, our long sleeve and short sleeve women's scrub tops and tees come with a variety of work-friendly features like high-tech wicking fabrics, seamless knits and even printed pockets that are sure to make your patients smile! Shop for Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Scrub Tees.

Scrub Hats

Keep your hair tidy and protected with a scrub hat or scrub cap from Jen's Scrubs. We stock a great assortment of high-quality, OR-ready scrub hats in a range of colors to match your favorite workwear, which means you won't have to fish around the laundry closet for a scrub cap the next time you're working a surgery, suiting up for an isolation room, or you're simply having a really, really bad hair day. Shop for Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Scrub Hats.

Hosiery & Socks

Working long hours means your feet and legs can really take a beating. Keep on your toes with a pair of high-quality compression socks from Landau, designed especially for professionals in the medical field. These durable, made-for-work socks are a great way to prevent those dreaded post-shift 'cankles' that come from pounding the hallways for hours on end! Shop Jen's Scrubs Best Selling Hosiery and Socks


Stay on top of your game throughout your pregnancy with a set of women's maternity scrubs from Jen's Scrubs. We've got a great collection of durable, fashionable maternity scrub pants and maternity scrub tops from leading brands like WonderWink, Cherokee, and Landau that feature stretch panels to keep your baby bump covered on the job. Shop for Maternity Scrubs


Whether you're into rocking the old-school look or you just want a break from your scrub pants, you'll love our women's scrub skirts. These ultra-affordable, super-comfortable scrub skirts are built for business, with features like drawstring-reinforced waistbands, deep cargo pockets, and pen slots. Pick your perfect color (there's more than 20 here at Jen's Scrubs!) and you'll soon discover why women's scrub skirts continue to be a must-have item in professional wardrobes everywhere! Shop for Skirts

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