Nov 19th 2019 | Posted by Jen's Scrubs

Are There Different Meanings for Scrub Colors?

When looking for your next pair of scrubs, you should know if different scrub colors have different meanings - here's what you should know. If you’ve ever found yourself wandering the halls of a busy hospital, you might have noticed that, in most cases, medical professionals of all disciplines and specializations tend to wear scrubs or coats. In many cases, their scrubs tend to be different colors.  But do these scrub colors actually mean anything? Why do some doctors wear green, …
Apr 26th 2018 | Posted by Jens Scrubs

Dental Office Scrubs. What to Look For?

Every day, Dentist's and Dental Hygienist's look for scrubs that are both practical, comfortable and stylish.The days of scrubs all being the same, clunky, scratchy and uncomfortable are no longer true. Now if you work in a dental office, you can now dress simultaneously for function and success. Pick a cut that flatters your waistline. Choose a style that transitions with you at the end of your workday. And of course, pick the colors and prints that represent you best. At Jen's Scrubs there …
Mar 7th 2018 | Posted by Jens Scrubs

Who Wears Scrubs? It is not only Healthcare Professionals

Everyone tends to associate scrubs with general medical occupations such as doctors, nurses, dentists and so on, there are a number of different careers that reap the luxury of scrubs. Here are some of the jobs that you wouldn't quite think of when thinking about scrubs 1. Holistic Health Practitioner Holistic nurses utilize alternative medicine and sometimes combine alternative medicine with traditional Western medicine. In this occupation, some holistic practices may include ac …
Feb 26th 2018 | Posted by Jen's Scrubs

Medical Scrubs - The Technical Fabric Revolution

Scrubs have been around since the 1970’s, but it is only recently that the fabric has undergone a technical revolution. Today modern scrubs allow for greater mobility and comfort. The materials stretch, are soil resistant and wick away moisture. They are easier to care for, stain resistant and last longer.When looking for a new set of scrubs pay careful attention to the material and you can find exactly what you want. Each manufacturer of scrubs has multiple options depending upon your rol …
Feb 21st 2018 | Posted by Jen's Scrubs

Jen's Tips for Your Feet

Taking proper care of your feet can make a world of difference in the day of every healthcare professional. Nurses are on their feet for up to 12 hours a day, standing, walking, and often times running all around the workplace. Say goodbye to sore feet, Jen's care tips nurses can stand by.Choose the Right FootwearWearing the wrong pair of shoes can cause serious damage to your feet and leave you standing in pain all day. Every nurse has different feet, so one pair of nursing shoes may work wonde …