Jen's Scrubs Rewards Program

Welcome to Jen's Rewards. We want to reward you by giving you more savings when you buy at Jen's Scrubs. Earn rewards points with every purchase. Refer your friends and share on social media for more points. Become a Jen's VIP and earn more. All rewards points can be redeemed for store credit. What are you waiting for?

How it Works

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    Get 50 instant points

  • Earn Points

    Shop & Share to earn more points

  • Redeem & Save

    Redeem points for store credit

How Do I Earn Points?

    Redeeming Your Points

    Log in to see your current point balance.
    Redeem any points earned for store credit from your Account page or your rewards Dashboard.

    Jen's VIP's Save Even More

      What You Earn and What You Can Redeem

      If You're In And You Spend You Earn And Get
      Silver $100 100 Points $5 in Credit
      Gold $100 125 Points $6.25 in Credit
      Platinum $100 150 Points $7.50 in Credit